When you purchase a photograph from me, you are getting not only a beautiful piece of art, but you are also getting something that will last a lifetime.  All materials used are of the highest quality and are designed to enhance your home or office.  I offer several sizes and product types that I know you will be pleased with: high-quality paper fine art prints, canvases, metal prints, acrylic prints, gallery boxes, and frameless mounts.  All are locally produced in Canada!

I have endeavoured to make selecting the best options for a given photograph easy by separating available products into groups based on the aspect ratio of the image.  This eliminates the need to adjust the image to fit a certain product.  Each photograph for sale at this site is labeled with a Ratio Code (A, B, C, etc.) and these codes are reflected in the price tables below.  All sizes are in inches and all prices are in Canadian dollars.


Fine Art Prints


Frameless Mounts


Gallery Boxes


Canvas Prints


Metal Prints


Acrylic Prints